Grief By Alice W. Terry

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Heartache, misery and sorrow; the death of a loved one can be expressed using these three simple terms. But, can the death of a loved one really be described? Alice W. Terry writes the exceptional journal about the stages of grief, how to cope and how it truly feels to lose a loved one, a daughter to be exact. Not having experienced the physical loss of someone as close to me as a daughter is to her mother, this journal gave me a personal perspective of the anguish experienced by those who are grieving. A Journey in Grief by Alice W. Terry was a beautiful tribute to her daughter, as well as an informative and educational piece of literature about the grieving process. I personally felt pain and sorrow for the author as I was reading the article; I cannot imagine what is might be like to loose someone as close to you as a daughter, so suddenly. “I look at the things in my life and am repulsed at how valuable they used to be to me. My grandmother’s Chippendale sofa. Quilts. They mean nothing to me now. And I don’t think they ever will” (Terry, 2015, pg.357). This passage demonstrates the detail the author put into the journal; I loved this article for the amount of depth of emotion and the impact on her life the author went into when describing what it truly felt like to grieve. I wish the author had gone into more detail about how her husband was grieving; was he more open about the loss? Or was he reserved and processing the loss internally? Questions like these left me

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