'Grief In The Film The Rooster'

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Who would think that a film where the protagonist attempts suicide within the opening minute, would be so humorous? The loss of a loved one is difficult for everyone and not a funny situation, but believing your deceased lover has come back to you as a rooster is, and that is what we see in Alexei Nuzhny’s The Rooster. Although you may laugh and be entertained by this film, the theme of grief and the stages of grief. If you do not speak Russian, be glad that the film has subtitles and is translated very well (although I do not speak Russian). We are first introduced to the protagonist Anya as she is trying to commit suicide to “be with the man she loved”. Her late boyfriend, Petya, passed away and Anya is grieving in a not so normal way. It is hard for her to accept that her lover is gone and the only way for her to have the physical connection she so desperately desires is by believing Petya’s soul lives inside of an animal. This is the definition of…show more content…
She gets feisty with a customer at her job when she refuses to scan his items because he is purchasing her husband(chicken). And when she slams the door in her neighbor’s face when they tell her to get rid of her husband because he wakes them up at the crack of dawn. And when she gets testy with the man who runs the ceremony and marries them. Maybe she never leaves stage two, she seems to always be angry. Anya goes through stage three: bargaining, at different parts of the film. We see her bargaining in the beginning of the film when she tries to protect herself from pain by committing suicide. She also bargains with the man who marries her and Petya, and not just trying to get a bargain and lower his price of his ceremony. When someone passes we try to justify our feelings as if they’re reasonable. She knows that what she’s doing is a bit unorthodox (to say the least) but if others can understand then she’ll look saner than she
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