Grief, Just Like Death, Is A Natural Process Of Life That

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Grief, just like death, is a natural process of life that everyone goes through after losing someone, or something dear to them. Everyone’s grief is unique. It might manifest itself in someone by having intense emotions, such as: sadness, and loneliness, as well as having physical symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, mood swings and much more. With all things considered, it is widely accepted that grief does occur commonly in 5 stages. According to Web M.D., the first stage that commonly tends to occur in humans is denial. When people first learn of a loss, they tend to think, “This isn’t really happening.” They may feel shocked, or numb to the fact. This is a common, but temporary way to deal with the rush of overwhelming emotion.…show more content…
Although this 5 step process of grief after a loss is accepted worldwide, it is important to note the research study from Yale University in the early 2000s, where researchers studied over 200 people after losing a loved one. The study’s results found that the grief process was just more complex than what 5 stages tends to show (Hammond, 2013). The 5 stage grief process, although reassured some people who could relate to certain phases, unfortunately stigmatised people who couldn’t. In the same fashion as what was stated above in the first few lines of this paper, although it is great to have a script of what happens next, everyone experiences grief differently than others.
II. Adult’s (18+) Psychological well being after a loss of a parent
It is no secret that with advancements in technology and medicine, it would eventually result in the increase of life expectancy of us human beings in developed countries. According to a U.S. National Study conducted by Dr. Nathan Farks, it is most typical now for individuals to experience the death of parents during adulthood rather than childhood. Because of this, more adults have a long-lasting bond and attachment with their parents from childhood to adulthood, until they ultimately pass away. The death of one parent, or both, is a typical adult transition in life, and the impact of the loss is significant in the adult’s psychological well-being. Also in one of the first longitudinal studies
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