Grief, Loss, And Loss

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Jaehun Lee
D Block, Film Studies
Grief, Loss, and Everything Josh Kos would Floss (this is not the actual title)

Grief and loss are some of the most defining characteristics of the human experience. Therefore, dealing with grief and loss is one of the most important things humans must learn. While there are many approaches, Jennifer Kent uses her film The Babadook to suggest that suppression is not a healthy way to deal with grief. By thoughtfully planning the mise-en-scene, soundtrack, and narrative storytelling, Kent teaches viewers that suppression causes the inner monster to come out in all of us, just as it did to Amelia in The Babadook.

In The Babadook, suppression of grief is at the root of all of Amelia’s personal problems. Suppressing her grief resulted in her becoming isolated from everyone around her, from her co-worker Robby, her sister Claire, to even her son Sam. Because she was so wrapped up in suppressing memories of her husband, Amelia lost touch with the living world, and is left in an awkward limbo between her past and her present. Once the Babadook is unleashed, suppression of grief leads to paranoia for Amelia. As she continues to have visions, Amelia is trapped in a different limbo between reality and inside her mind, and as she continues to suppress her grief, her situation becomes progressively worse.

Amelia’s house and the tree across the street from Amelia’s house are important motifs throughout The Babadook. However, while trees and

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