Grievance Handling Procedure

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THE GRIEVANCE HANDLING PROCEDURE Principles suggested by Indian Institute of Personal Management for addressing the grievance are as follows: • A grievance should be dealt within the limits of the first line manager. • The appellate authority should be made clear to the employee so that if he cannot get satisfaction from his immediate manager, he should know the next step. • The grievance should be dealt with speedily • In establishing a grievance procedure, if the grievance is against an instruction given by a superior in the interest of order and discipline, the instructions must be carried out first and then only employee can register his protest. There should be no recourse to official machinery of…show more content…
An employees conception of hs problems may be quiet biased. Venting his grievance and being heard gives him a feeling of being cared for. He gets it “off his chest”, so to say, and it does a lot of good for his morale as revealed by the famous Hawthorne studies. Initial step The greatest opportunity for the settlement of a complaint or grievance lies in the initial step of the procedure. If there is no formal procedure and the firm announces an open door policy , then it is possible that the manager may get bypassed by the worker who would take his grievance directly to the higher level of management .but such bypassing not merely undermines the manager’s authority ,who loses face, but also creates an atmosphere of win-or-loose in which both the worker and manager will try to prove the other wrong. INTERMEDIATE STEP As the figure indicates the next step on the management side of the procedure is to submit the dispute to middle management. Involving the manager’s ,middle and senior line managers in the grievance process helps in two ways. Initially ,the social barriers between the various categories are, to some extent , broken by personal contact and mutual
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