Grievance Of The National Labor Union

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Introduction Grievance measures are a means of disputing a resolution used by a company to address complaints by employees, suppliers, customers, and/or competitors (Federal Mediation, n.d). Choosing to file a grievance through a labor union against an employer is a severe matter. This paper will analyze the case study of an employee who feels that he is being treating unfairly. It will then provide possibly resolutions and the important steps required to resolve the issue. Then lastly, it will provide a brief summary. What do you think will happen next? Why? Jack should contact his labor union and complain about the harassment he has received. Most collective bargaining agreements offer grievance procedures ending in arbitration (Federal Mediation, n.d.). There are measures put in place to correct improper behavior and initiating a grievance with the union is warranted. Under the National Labor Relations Act Jack is authorized to form, join or assist a union and not receive harassment because of it (Employee Rights, n.d). It is also illegal to threaten to fire, demote or reduce hours due to union interaction (Employee Rights, n.d.). The procedure provides a tiered structure for presenting and settling workplace disagreements. Grievance mediation is a voluntary step after the parties have exhausted internal procedures and before arbitration (Federal Mediation, n.d.). Another less formal option would consist of a peer review of an employee’s concerns to address
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