Grievance Procedure

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Grievance Procedure and Handling Grievance means any real or imaginary feeling of dissatisfaction and injustice which an employee has about his employment relationship. Grievances may arise due to the following reasons: grievances arising out of working conditions, grievances arising from management policy, grievance arising from alleged violation of company rules, state laws, grievances arising out of personal maladjustment. Machinery for Redressal of Grievances: Every organisation requires a permanent procedure for handling employee grievances. Grievance handling procedure is a formal process of settling grievances and it usually consists of a number of steps arranged in a hierarchy. Eg- the front line supervisor is given the…show more content…
2. The Factories Act, 1948- It provides for the appointment of welfare officers in every factory wherein 500 or more workers are ordinarily employed. These officers are generally entrusted with the task of dealing with grievances and complaints. However, these provisions are not helpful due to the dual role which these officers are called upon to play. 3. The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947- (i) The employer in relation to every industrial establishment in which 50 or more workmen shall provide for a Grievance Settlement Authority for the settlement of industrial disputes connected with an industrial workmen employed in the establishment. The provisions of the Authority shall be in accordance with rules made in that behalf. (ii) Where an industrial dispute connected with an individual workman arises in an establishment referred to above, a workman or any trade union of workmen of which such workman is a member may refer such dispute to the Grievance Settlement Authority for settlement. (iii) The Grievance Settlement Authority shall follow such procedure and complete its proceedings within such period as may be prescribed. (iv) No reference shall be made to boards, Courts or Tribunals of any dispute referred to in this section unless such dispute has been referred
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