Grievance Redressal System

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An Assignment on “Grievance Redressal System Of J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.” Submitted By: Nitya Sec- A Enroll no.- A30101910037 AGBS, Noida Grievance Redressal System A grievance can be defined as any sort of dissatisfaction, which needs to be redressed in order to bring about the smooth functioning of the individual in the organization. Broadly, a grievance can be defined as any discontent of dissatisfaction with any aspect of the organization. It can be real or…show more content…
Supervision Disposition of the boss towards the employee perceived notions of favoritism, nepotism, bias etc. Work Group Strained relations or incompatibility with peers. Feeling of neglect, obstruction and victimisation. Work Organisation Rigid and unfair rules, too much less work responsibility, lack of recognition. Effects of Grievances Grievances can have several effects which are essentially adverse and counterproductive to organizational purposes. The adverse effects include: a. Loss of interest in work and consequent lack of moral and commitment b. Poor quality of production c. Low productivity d. Increase in wastage and costs e. Increase in employee turnover f. Increase in the incidence of accidents g. Indiscipline h. Unrest, etc. Do’s and Don’ts in Grievance Handling – Check Lists All the points are not applicable to every case, but if the supervisor is familiar with all of them and observe them in his handling of grievances, he will be prepared for almost any kind of case that may arise. Investigate and handle each and every case, though it may eventually result in an arbitration hearing. • Talk with the employee about his grievance, give him a

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