Griever Hole: Chapter Summaries

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In the beginning, Thomas ends up in the box. He forgets his thoughts, memories, and connections. The only thing he remembers is his name. “Welcome to the Glade.” They give him all sorts of weird nicknames, Greenie, Klunk, Shank. He and Alby go around talking about the rules and how never to go into the Maze, and they describe the consequences. Thomas gets attacked by Ben and he is banished into the Maze. He goes in the Maze anyway and becomes a runner after he survives a night in the Maze, which has never been done before. Minho teaches him how to run. “Don’t stop running, ever.” Then they go off and they find the Griever Hole, they notice that it is kind of like a portal into a different world. They get caught by 3 Grievers, and do Thomas’
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