Grieving Is Not Just About Death

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Grieving Is Not Just About Death
When we think about grief we automatically think about death. Yes death might be number one in our minds. However, I believe grief is not just about losing a loved one or a friend. I strongly believe about the any big challenges that we face in life can make us grieve. For example, a woman who cannot have babies can grieve all her life. Not having a baby can make a person devastated for her entire life. When parents have a drug addict or alcoholic child is always worrying if he is going to make it in life. There are big and small situations that can make a person to grieve.
I do believe that grief is a powerful emotion to endure. Especially when we experience an unexpected death of a loved one or a friend it is very hard to take. The death of someone is the most painful and tragic emotion a person can feel. This pain feels like a knife is introduced into your chest. Your heart is broken into pieces and your body feels like had been struck by electricity. The world keeps turning, but you want it to stop. You wish to go back, but it is impossible. There is no meaning for your life to continue.
The pain is unbearable. Each of us grieves the death of our family or friends differently. This is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. This type a grieving is the hardest to take. However some people only grieve for short period of time compering to others that grieve for long time or forever. On the following paragraph I am…
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