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The Truth about “Our Secret”

Susan Griffin’s main focus in her essay “Our Secret“ is on Heinrich Himmler’s life. She hopes to better understand how people come to be who they are as a product of childhood and adolescent experiences. Through this process she hopes her readers can become conscious to the truths of their upbringing and not only find their true identity, but have the strength and courage to change their destiny. Griffin is ultimately interested in finding her own identity but has been oppressed by her grandmother to not search inwardly. She therefore uses Himmler as a mask by examining what experiences shaped him as a child to understand what may have molded her. Griffin concentrates on connections between people,
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Although this is a key moment in Himmler’s search for identity, as a reader we are not merely interested in Himmler’s personal story. The author fails to finish off the great thought with a connection to her own life and search. Just as she has Himmler examine Hitler to find his path, in writing this essay Griffin is looking at Himmler’s journey to in turn evaluate her own. This quote would perfectly tie back to the author and therefore be relatable by the reader if she would tie up her loose ends. The reader is left confused as to why she doesn’t elaborate after this key point and wondering if the author even realizes that she and Himmler are going through the same process.
Griffin’s essay had amazing potential to draw on the experiences of a man who’s life went astray to find out why this happened, what personal connections and lessons the author has derived from this examination, and what the reader could do to negate these possible effects in their own or their children’s
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