Griffith's Narrative Analysis

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One word to describe Griffith is.. Eccentric. She is quite abnormal compared to her kin. Griffith is a proud Lythari, an elf that has the ability to take the form of a wolf, one of very few who exist. As a beast she stands at 4', has a length of 5'7”, and weighs in at 160 lbs. The base color of her coat is the same stark white as her hair with silver marbled in. A few identifying physical traits are that she is missing 25% of the top of her left ear, while the right has been accented with an assortment of 22 stone, wood, and bone hoops along the outer lobe/cartilage. While in her elven form she stands at 6'4” and weighs in at 220 lbs. Additionally, she has seen 22 namedays, which makes her one of the younger of her kind. Due to the strength…show more content…
Her hair is thick, yet fine and is a stunning white that flashes and gleams with silver when caught in the moonlight. Alas, that is where the normalcy ends. If one were to describe how they believed she cared for her hair, they would claim she had used rusted and dulled shears to hack and slash at it erratically as she stared into a tumultuous rapid in place of a mirror. They would not be far off. To the left side of her face it is roughly jaw length. The word roughly is used in a very literal sense due to the inconsistency in the length, some pieces barely reached mid-ear while others are far closer to…show more content…
Because of this they are renowned for their desire to maintain a status of nonexistence to the rest of the races, which is why they dwell deep within the forests and mountains, far from the rest of humanity. This is where Griffith's oddity begins to show. Her curiosity and desire to learn about all that she sees is deeply shunned. That's not to say that her people are not wise, but they seek knowledge of the land, animal, and flora of their territories while Griffith thirsts for the knowledge of other races. That being said, it does not seem as thought she was cast out from her pack, she seems to suggest that she left of her own free will. Beyond that she doesn't elaborate on her travels as she often becomes distracted or bored, but it is clear she has seen much in her young
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