Grignard Reaction Process Of Phhenylmagenisum Bomide

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DISCUSSION The aim of this experiment was to effectively carry out a Grignard reaction process that uses Grignard reagent to synthesize alcohol and creates a new carbon-carbon bond within the reaction. In this experiment, phenylmagenisum bromide is the Grignard reagent reacted with benzaldehyde to synthesize the final product, diphenylmethanol (alcohol) close to its 100 % theoretical yield. Diethyl ether solvent was used to keep away any water/moisture that could destroy the Grignard reagent and react to form a hydrocarbon instead of an alcohol. Therefore, experiment execution need a lot of precision and precautious to make sure that the apparatus used/reused as well as the reaction itself is dry and away from water or moisture. There…show more content…
This part of the experiment was carried out by mixture of 1.5 mL benzaldehyde in 4 mL dry diethyl ether solution into the formed Grignard reagent dropwise through the Claisen adaptor of the glassware-setup apparatus. These small droplets created a vigorous fizzing within the reaction mixture and color change to light pinkish/reddish and very bad/strong smell was observed. These vigorous fizzing in the reaction meant that the magnesium alkoxide salt has been formed when the nucleophilic phenylmagenisum bromide reagent attacks the carbonyl benzaldehyde (electrophile). This mixture was allowed to cool down for few minutes and 5 mL of cool water was added to mixture along with dropwise of 6 mL of 20% HCl through Claisen adaptor. This created change the color of the mixture as well as created two homogenous layers a white layer on top and yellowish green layer on the bottom of round-bottom flask. This layered mixture was transferred and further separated into the separator funnel to separate the aqueous layer and the ether layer by shaking the mixture which helped to protonate the alkoxide salt and started to form the alcohol product. The aqueous clear layer (bottom layer) was removed since it is the denser layer while less dense ether layer was washed with water and saturated sodium bisulphite solution. This part is crucial as use of sodium bisulphite was done to wash out all the acid from ether layer so that there is

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