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Overview Case The Gril-Kleen Corporation are efforts to market its innovative product and the product is a liquid restaurant grill cleaner had been extremely successful. The product is a chemical solution which could be applied directly to a working grill and would clean off bumt-on food and accumulated grease in a matter of minutes. It appeared to have several major advantages over competing product. Gril-Kleen Corporation had been developed by Ryan Warren and two brothers who owned a small, busy restaurant in Eastern Massachusetts. In early, had two method of cleaning grills used in a market it is carborundum “stone” or a wire mesh screen to scrub the grill clean. In dissatisfied with the product on the market, the two brothers…show more content…
In the time, Ryan had found few records, little financial data, and no regular flow or paperwork within the company. To apply for a working capital loan, Ryan had to develop a marketing plan and projected cash flow statement for the next three years and then presents his marketing plan and cash requirement to a bank. Before Ryan develops a marketing plan, he had to decide which markets to approach and determines realistic market-share goals for Gril-Kleen. Ryan also had a thinking it is develop the Gril-Kleen not only is grill cleaner, it also is cleaner for stainless steel, ceramic tile, Formica, vinyl, plastic, chrome, machine tools, clothing, and fiberglass. In other way, has a few markets considering by Ryan to determine which market to develop including as restaurant, marine, and industrial market. From the different market have a different strategies determine by Ryan such as selling method, channels of distribution, pricing, promotion, patent and trademark, and selling requirement. After Ryan had planning on this all area, so Ryan starts to develop a sound marketing plan. Marketing plan prepared by Ryan is to determine the size of the potential market in units and dollars, estimate the market share that could expect to attain, and then develop sales projections over a 12-month period. Question 1 Carefully evaluate the pros and cons of the segment markets and determine the market where the product has definite advantages over other

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