Grimm Brothers Collective Culture

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The Grimm brothers lived in a factioned Germany with many different cultures that were struggling to connect with one another. In attempts to help unify Germany the Grimm brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm, traveled throughout the country; listening, collecting, and writing down oral stories and fables from various regions in Germany. They believed that preserving oral culture and stories from various places in Germany would nationalize Germany by having a collective culture rather than many different cultures. With seven total editions and a dictionary, preserving culture and unifying Germany was their life goal. Writing down these oral stories and collecting them assisted in the formation of Germany as a nation rather than multiple different imagined communities. Most nations have a shared common culture and an official language. The Grimm brothers helped usher in an age of oneness in Germany and in doing so, Germany became a more unified nation.
At the time that the Grimm brothers were collecting their stories, Germany was many different groups of people, differing by region. They were not what we consider today a nation. “A nation is an imagined political community- and imagined as both inherently limited and
sovereign.” (1. Anderson) The term imagined in this sense refers to a group of people who know that they belong to one another through shared beliefs, however, they will never meet everyone who is also in that imagined community. They see themselves and each
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