Grimm's Fairy Tales

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I chose to research the genre of fairy tales, specifically the ones written and told by the Grimm brothers. Fairy tales took shape in sixteenth century Italy as literature for adults. They are known to be children’s stories about magical and imaginary beings in wonderful lands. They can also be described as a fabricated story, especially one intended to deceive the mind. It typically features European fantasy characters. The characters may be distinguished from other folk tales such as legends. They can also be found in oral and literary forms. The term is also used to describe something happy, also known as a “fairy tale ending”. The history of the fairy tale is particularly difficult to trace. I am writing this paper because I…show more content…
Fairy tales have always appealed to the young and old, and they play an important role in a child’s life. Fairy tales play an important role in a child’s life because many fairy tales have a female as the main character, or they play a very important role. “The lead characters of fairy tales, perhaps because they were originally told by groups of females, are women” (Neikirk, par. 9). Some of the stories with strong female roles that were written by the Grimm brothers include “Cinderella”, “Little Snow White” and “Rapunzel”. Cinderella was a sweet and innocent young woman who had to do what her evil stepmother and stepsisters told her to. She was strong and was eventually rewarded while her sisters are punished with blindness for their wickedness. Snow White runs away to the forest to not be killed by the Queen. Rapunzel does not fear the wicked woman that keeps her locked in the tower for all of those years. Women were the ones that did most of the story telling back then, so it makes sense that they would be the main characters. “Fairy tales have never been bedtime stories; in this day and age, they have morphed into a very effective means of exercising power over women and maintaining gender inequality” (Neikirk, par. 1). Women have always played important roles in society, and the fact that they play main roles in these stories empowers them even more.
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