Grinch's Theory Of Personality Research Paper

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The psychoanalytical perspective was founded by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist that created his comprehensive theory of personality by studying the mentally ill. Through research he explored the unconscious, where we keep unacceptable thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories hidden. Applying his findings, he formed the personality structure. He believed our personality was composed of three unique parts, the ID, super-ego, and ego. The ID is defined as our evil side, operating on pleasure and immediate gratification. For example, when the Grinch disguises himself and goes into town to cause mischief it shows he has an overpowering ID. He operates on the pleasure of hurting others and feeling short bursts of gratification when…show more content…
Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, contributed the Hierarchy of Needs to the theory. He believed our needs that shape personality are organized in a hierarchy of five levels, physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization. The Grinch can be seen only reaching the second level, safety. He looks over his to-do list to find an excuse to not attend the Cheermeister Festival, because he feels safe in his cave and is uncomfortable socializing. The Grinch’s cave satisfies his need to be safe, but he can’t fulfill the need to love and be loved. Since he isn't accepted anywhere he cannot meet his esteem needs and is not even close to self-actualization, living to up to his full and unique potential. Carl Rogers, also an American psychologist, added the idea of unconditional positive regard to the humanistic approach. The theory goes that if a person receives an attitude of total acceptance they can reach their full potential. This is seen in the Grinch when he is showered with treats and love from the town at the Cheermeister Festival. He receives unconditional positive regard and becomes exceptionally happy and social by the end of the celebration, even flirting with Martha May. This is the Grinch’s true self, and the warmth the Who’s gave him unlocked that full…show more content…
It was founded by Gordon Allport, an American psychologist, who identified more than 18,000 traits to describe people. Traits are defined as aspects of personality that are relatively consistent that map a pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. The approach focuses on genetics and other biological factors that influence an individual’s traits. The Lous exhibit the genetic trait of doers, they tackle monumental tasks and are fast responders when a situation gets tough. This is seen when Cindy goes around Whoville asking about the Grinch to learn all she can about him. She also nominates the Grinch as Cheermeister, and travels through the harsh mountain environment to fearlessly confront the Grinch in his cave. This “doer” characteristic must have been passed down from her parents. Her dad chooses to work at the post office, one of the busiest jobs in town, especially on Christmas, and he stood up for his daughter after the Grinch stole everyone's presents. Cindy Lou’s mother also displayed this trait when she stopped the Grinch from crashing the slay by using Christmas lights as a net, this was a decisive action that required quick thinking. Since consistent traits define our personality it can be argued that the Grinch’s hatred of Christmas is a perpetual component of his personality. Starting from infancy the Grinch purposely ate a plate that
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