Grinnell Regional Medical Center: Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC) is a rural hospital that is located in east central Iowa (Grinnell Regional Medical Center, 2014a). GRMC is the largest hospital between two of the larger cities along interstate-80 (Grinnell Regional Medical Center, 2014a). This hospital has been around since 1919 and has grown throughout the years (Grinnell Regional Medical Center, 2014a). There are approximately 400 employees, 50 physicians and advanced practice practitioners, as well as 200 volunteers that take part in making GRMC what it is today (Grinnell Regional Medical Center, 2014a). GRMC is dedicated to “Health Care for Life” (Grinnell Regional Medical Center, 2014b) by providing:
“Genuine care and compassion for the health and well-being of patients, families, and the communities we are
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When there is an ethical issue that has been brought up within the medical center, a member of the leadership team works with the bioethics committee to ensure that the final ruling on the issue is indeed ethical and upholds the standards set forth by the organization (GRMC, 2016). Ensuring that the individuals that make up the leadership and managerial teams follow the code of ethics is imperative to the success and culture within the organization. Annual reviews are held of all staff members and members of the leadership team that include a section regarding ethical behavior and how well the individual is upholding the ethical standards of the hospital. By having the code of ethics addressed on these evaluations, the employees are well aware of the ethical standards that the organization has of them, therefore encouraging the ethical behaviors throughout the
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