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John Grisham once said of his own writing, “I write grab readers. This isn’t serious literature.” (John Grisham CLC, 189) Serious literature or not, Grisham has written nine best-selling novels, many of which were also made into very successful movies. Before starting to write professionally, Grisham was a lawyer in Southhaven, Mississippi, which has provided him with plentiful ideas for legal storylines. In many of his novels, Grisham has on ongoing link of novice lawyers who uncover and overcome flaws in the legal system.
     Influences during Grisham’s childhood and adult life have helped to shape his writing career. His family moved around a great deal during his childhood. Eventually, they settled in
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The novice in The Firm is Mitchell Y. McDeere, a very appealing hero, a poor kid whose only assets are a first class mind, a Harvard law degree and beautiful, loving wife. (Amazon Firm, 2) He is described as the “perfect” law school graduate. He completes Harvard at the top of his class and is approached by several large Wall Street law firms. A much smaller firm, called Bendini, Lambert and Locke, also seems very interested in McDeere. This firm is quite different than others in the country. They don’t actively seek new graduates, they have mere 41 lawyers, and the offer more money that firms four times their size “ We don’t hire too many people; about one every other year. We offer the highest salary and fringes in the country, and I’m not exaggerating. So we are very selective.” (Grisham Firm, 4) They offer the most money, so he takes that job. (Grisham Firm, 1-24) McDeere immediately moves to Memphis with his extremely attractive wife Abby. He begins to work ninety hour weeks and is well on his way to becoming the youngest partner the firm has ever seen. (35-49) As far as he knew, there was nothing illegal about that. However, McDeere should have remembered his brother Ray, who was doing fifteen years in a Tennessee jail, you never get money for nothing. Then an FBI investigation plunges this straight and narrow attorney into a nightmare of terror and intrigue, with no choice but to pit his wits, ethics, and legal skills
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