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If someone slaps you, turn your cheek so they can slap you again on the other cheek, Jesus says. This bewildering instruction perplexes Christians on every front. Can this be called just? Does God truly expect Christians to subject themselves to further ridicule when abused? Christians find comfort in the belief that this phrase is merely a metaphor. Begging the question, what exactly is this metaphor instructing? This concept is clearly counter-cultural, potentially even counter-human? Who has ever felt such a compulsion upon receiving a hit? If someone steals your shirt, give him your coat also, Jesus says. Did the interpreter make a mistake in this phrase, the modern Christian audience secretly wonders? Surely God would not expect a…show more content…
By acknowledging the reality of oppression in the fractured planet we occupy, this verse instructs those who find themselves oppressed to respond in radical love. This is radical forgiveness furthered by service; this is the nature of agape love. As it was out of love that God sent his son into the world, so it is by love that the ultimate demonstration of love, (Christ’s sacrifice,) finds its motivation (John 3:16, 15:13). To love the oppressor one must begin with forgiveness. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote that true forgiveness results in the proper forgetfulness of the wrong inflicted- not to erase the wrong from his mind, but to no longer hold to it as an impediment in a relationship. Additionally, to love is to uphold in good faith, the belief that there is goodness even in our worst enemy. Agape love at its essence, is merciful as God is merciful. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, “love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” The most obvious demonstration of agape love is exposed in love for one’s enemy. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “while abhorring segregation, we shall love the segregationist.” To love is to affirm the humanity of the oppressor who violently opposes yours. To serve the oppressor, to advocate for the tyrant, to pray for the one who persecutes you- this is divine love. For God demonstrates His own love for us in this, while we were still his enemies, Christ died for us. There is no

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