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The Power Of Grit I chose the Ted Talk called Grit and perseverance. In this video Angela Lee Duckworth argues that the key to success is grit, a characteristic she defines as “passion and perseverance for very long-term goals”(Angela Duckworth). she talks about how having perseverance can motivate and change the outcome of your life and career. You don't have to be perfect physically or have a High IQ, all you need is Grit and perseverance. Life can be very difficult at times it will slam you on the ground roll you in the dirt and kick you in the ribs all at once. Being able to get back up is the reason people can be successful. Having perseverance and show great ethics and starting at the bottom being poorer than dirt will give you…show more content…
The question she asked and wanted to find out is who will succeed and why. Every study they did she would notice that it’s not the highest IQ who is successful but its who has the most grit and perseverance. Grit is sticking to your long-term goals despite all the noise around you. The fact that not everyone in your life will support you in reaching your goals is a harsh reality. It's hard to understand that even some of your best friends and close family could actually be holding you back but once you cut that tie and push yourself you can be so much more successful. Personally I think the most successful people in life are the ones that can set A goal and not let anyone change their mind or run them a stray from their goal. This Ted Talk can help people even in their day to day life, if someone can set small goals throughout their day and make sure they stick to them. At times it's really hard to stick to goals especially long term. However if you can it will help you succeed in everyday life and long term like finishing college. College can be a great place for a study to happen but it can also be very bad, because there is so much diversity but generally unmotivated people don't even go to college but if they do they can't stick it out because they have no perseverance. As soon as something hard comes along they quite and then try to protest it. Having Goals however can be very overwhelming. Many people set long term goals and work toward them

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