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Information Systems are Central at Grocery Gateway 1. What information systems are used at Grocery Gateway to help them make decisions? Would you classify these systems as TPS, DSS, or EIS? * The web site acts as a TPS as it supports customer transactions. * Logistic Management System is a mostly a DSS with some aspects of an EIS incorporated into it as analyzing some of its data can lead to strategic decisions. 2. How do these systems support operational, managerial or strategic level decisions?TPS collect operational data that allows the organization to fulfill daily operations such as the web site which collects customer orders which in turn cause Grocery Gateway to need to make decisions about
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Some key metrics might be: * Best-selling product * Worst selling product * Date of highest sales per month * Date of worst sales per month * Correlation between product sales * Distance to nearest grocery outlet * Sales by region * Sales by season * Time to delivery of goods 5. What does Grocery Gateway’s customer order process look like?

6. Describe how Grocery Gateway’s customer Web site supports Grocery Gateway’s business processes.
The web site allows customer to access its products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a simple way. Besides supporting online merchandising, single item picking, home delivery operations, and customer service it also allows them to use the web site to retain customers. 7. Describe how Descartes’ fleet management software improved Grocery Gateway’s logistics business processes.
Some business improvements experienced by Grocery Gateway include reduced delivery time by 14 percent, and increasing the stops per hour for delivery trucks by 12.4 percent. They have also improved the ordering processes and delivery mechanisms, and gained a solid and repeating customer base. 8. How does the business process affect the customer experience? The company’s bottom line?
There are numerous benefits Grocery Gateway could offer its members including additional discounts for frequent shopping,
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