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Grocery, Inc. Paper Grocery, Inc. is a retail grocery store chain with stores located throughout the United States. The organization has contracts with many vendors to obtain the products they sell in their stores. There are many laws and guidelines that, like other similar businesses, Grocery, Inc. must follow in order to operate in a compliant manner. Common Law Contracts and UCC Article 2 Contracts Both common law and UCC Article 2 contracts would apply between Grocery Inc. and their vendors; however for domestic purposes the UCC Article 2 contract would supersede that of the common law contract. Grocery also has international vendors which make it a bit more interesting, each country might have their own version of the US UCC. If…show more content…
Then the subject of Jeff’s age upon signing the contract would complicate matters. This plus the probability that they will not see the outstanding money as Jeff isn’t able to make the payments make this an unattractive option. They could cancel the contract and offer Jeff his refund of $1,200 but this seems as unlikely as their first option of holding Jeff responsible for the full amount. The purchase and contract of the car has meant costs to the dealership and refunding Jeff all of his money for the car that has 6 months of wear and tear and administrative costs as well as payments that they received in good faith as payment for the car. Smooth Sales Used Cars could, however, do a mixture of allowing Jeff to cancel the contract and therefore not face legal issues while at the same time recouping some of the potential losses. They could agree to take the car back and agree to cancel the contract. Then, they could attempt to re-sell the used car. If they are able to sell it for the remaining balance of Jeff’s loan, then they can release Jeff from obligation yet not refund him for what he paid. If they are unable to sell the car for the desired amount, then they may assume Jeff will pay the difference, but this would be at the discretion of actual players. Rights under Contract Law If Cereal has breached their contract by not delivering the entire amount stated in the contract to Grocery, Grocery has some legal room to cancel the

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