Essay about Grocery, Inc. and Uniform Commercial Codes

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Grocery, Inc. Presentation
Week five provided Learning Team A the opportunity to review and analyze seven case scenarios regarding Grocery, Inc. These case scenarios include, Grocery, Inc. Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC), renovation, minor employee, Gap Filing Rule, employee breach of contract, F.O.B., and supplier. Although, Grocery, Inc. is not involved directly with each scenario, consequentially, the learning team will also depict the store’s involvement indirectly. After reviewing and analyzing the seven scenarios for Grocery, Inc., the learning team obtained comprehensive knowledge of business uniform commercial code.
Grocery, Inc. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
The first scenario asks the question, does Article 2 of the Uniform
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The scenario also provides informative knowledge pertaining to understand the legality of specific performance.
To understand whether company premise is plausible, one must first under the facets of commercial impracticability and specific performance.
Commercial impracticability. UCC can enforce commercial impracticability rule when the seller cannot deliver goods within agreement as per contract. Commercial impracticability may also be enforceable when the seller faces unexpected events. These events must affect the contract directly (Melvin, 2011, p. 193).
Specific performance. UCC allows buyers to acquire a court order to require the breaching party to complete contract as per negotiated and agreed (Melvin, 2011, p. 198).
Company A started renovating the store on Main Street in My Town, U. S. A. for Grocery, Inc. However, Company A business increased beyond anticipation. Therefore, to meet its obligation to Grocery, Inc. to oblige renovation within six months, the company sub-contracts to Company B. Unfortunately, Company B had a reputation of poor work performance.
Grocery, Inc. was not aware that Company A had delegated Company B to continue the renovation. Grocery, Inc. ascertains the occurrence of this transaction after monitoring the quality of workmanship. However, Grocery, Inc. dismay, caused the store filed a petition for an injunction
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