Grocery Shopping Is More Diversified And Evolved Than Ever Before

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Grocery shopping is more diversified and evolved than ever before. Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s have become household names while also innovating beyond regional and national traditional chains. Despite comparable size in terms of locations, each store’s growth has operated using a very different model. Also in comparison, the unassuming supermarket Roots also specializes in organic, fair trade and minimally processed natural foods but on a smaller scale.

As Whole Foods has increased the number of retail centers that it operates, it has suffered accompanying growing pains in efficiently managing distribution of products to its stores. They are growing at such a fast rate that the chain struggle to keep up with the demand for products and to keep shelves stocked. The biggest reason for inefficiency is Whole Foods’ decentralized back-end. It has 12 geographic divisions, a national headquarters in Austin, regional distribution centers, bakery facilities, kitchens, seafood processing facilities, meat and produce procurement centers and a specialty coffee/tea procurement operation. Many scoff at its supply chain, considering it to be amateur and lacking in professionalism. But with ample margins, it does not face immediate pressure to enhance efficiencies. Product wise, Whole Foods is differentiated because all products are sourced locally.
The stores operate under minimal governance and are given maximum freedom to source a product mix that is appropriate for their
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