Grocery Store : A New And Innovative Product Called Grocery Gadget

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Many grocery stores across the globe encounter the inevitable problem of long grocery checkout lines. Currently, the grocery industry cannot find an answer to this unambiguous problem. This is partially because cashiers have to scan and bag every item that the given individual is purchasing which can be quite time consuming and frustrating for customers. But what if this process was no longer necessary? The solution to this age old predicament is a new and innovative product called Grocery Gadget. The Grocery Gadget utilizes our patented RFID technology in an effort to cut checkout wait times. The device is attached to each basket at the selected grocery store and is simple to use overall. Basically, the customer places an item, which contains an RFID tag, into the basket. From here, the device automatically calculates the purchase price of each specific item added or taken away from the basket. Once the customer is satisfied with their total purchase price, they simply make their way to the cash register where the cashier easily scans the barcode associated with each device. This would reduce time wasted putting back groceries due to predetermined incorrectly estimated prices of the total purchase price for customers who only have a certain amount of money to spend. With our product, the customer’s new average checkout wait time would be cut into a fraction of the previous wait time. Another benefit to using this method would be that cashiers would no longer need to bag
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