Grolar Bear Research Paper

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Hybrids are the mix between two true species that are bred together to make something completely new. What zoos and scientist have been breeding together have been animals that one wouldn’t normally breed together in the wild. Ligers, Zonkey and Mule, have been animals that would never mate together in the wild. Most hybrids are infertile but on the rare occasions are. Hybrids don’t happen naturally, it’s rare to see them happen in the wild. However a new breed has taken form up in Alaska and Canada region. The cross breed between a grizzly bear and a polar bear have mating together to create a new hybrid unofficially called “grolar” bear or “pizzly” bear. This new hybrid has been seen only a hand full of time and only officially documented…show more content…
Their feet are made for the ice and snow; they have rough leather pads so they don’t slip on ice, fur between toes and sharp claws as a weapon. They are plantigrade and left handed. Their toes are webbed so they can swim in water. Their fur is a yellowish white; the top lay is long and hollow to absorb heat and can float in the water. The undercoat covers their black skin that has four inches of blubber, which is an extra layer of warmth. This kind of coat makes it uncomfortable for polar bears to be in the heat. A polar bears sense of smell is the best sense they have, they mostly rely on it. It can smell a dead whale 15 miles away, can smell where a seal is hiding in six inches of ice, and can smell a human before they could even see them. Their eyes are small to block out the sun reflecting off the snow and their ears are small, close to their heads to keep warm.…show more content…
They need food, water, shelter, and a safe place to live. Depending on where they live they sometimes travel along a coast line which is a good place to find food. When the weather gets cold they return to their winter home, which they migrate to year after year. They return to their territory where they were born during the cold season to hibernate. Their hunting ground is their territory they sometimes share their territory with smaller animals and tend to go back to there hunting grounds year around; if they lose their hunting grounds to another bear they must find a new one. Polar bears hunt ring seals during the spring and early summer. They also eat wild berries, seaweed, and grass when they come across them. They will also go after snow geese, lemmings, birds’ eggs, dead whales, and walruses. They can get a successful kill every five days. (Smith)

The only predator that a polar bear has is man, before guns polar bears didn’t fear people. In the 1970s polar bears became endangered a law was put up to protect them. To protect them Russia, Canada, Denmark, and Norway are working on ways to stop hunters and to come up with ways to slow down global warming since the glaciers are melting at a rapid pace. Researchers believe there are about 25,000 to 30,000 left in the wild.
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