Grooming CFOs to be CEOs

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Reviewing the two articles How a CFO can graduate to CEO (Brewis, 1999) and Do CFOs really make good CEOs (Picker, 1989) illustrate foundational points to support the contention that CFOs will continue to be promoted and excel in their roles as CEOs.
How CFOs are Prepared to become CEOs
One of the most interesting articles in the series read to complete this analysis is Do CFOs really make good CEOs (Picker, 1989). This article highlights how critical it is for a CFO to understand the organizational structure of their business, while also understanding how best to create a teamwork framework that can enable the accomplishment of complex objectives (Picker, 1989). This article shows how D. Wayne Calloway was able to save PepsiCo as a business by having in-depth knowledge of operations and the financial trade-offs critical to keeping them operating. He also was able to transform many of the most costly operations in the company while reducing investments in fixed assets (Picker, 1989). The article also points to how well Robert Crandall interpreted the impact of deregulation on the airline industry, while also making the transition from CFO to CEO. Robert Crandall was one of the most effective CEOs in the history…
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