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Grooming is an art form. Ask any groomer, and they’ll tell you that grooming is so much more than just shampooing and clipping. It’s a skill that requires education on the latest tools and techniques. It’s a practice that is physically demanding and equally as rewarding. Jill Pipino of ManeTame, a pet styling salon in Clifton Park, New York, considers the profession an art form. In fact, that’s why she stuck with the business in the first place. After adopting a pit bull mix who didn’t like getting her nails done, Pipino decided to learn how to do it herself. She realized she was good at it and started bathing and caring for the nails of her other pets as well. She had always wanted to work with animals, so started apprenticing at a…show more content…
It is Shelly’s hope that, especially those new to grooming, learn ways to advance in the industry and also pick up some new business kills along with grooming skills. The Attendees “Groom Expo is for anyone who makes a full or part-time living from professional pet care... or is a serious hobbyist,” the show’s website explains. “Groomers, mobile groomers, kennel operators and kennel personnel, trainers, day care operators, veterinarians, pet retailers, animal behaviorists, shelter personnel, breeders, handlers, vet techs or anyone involved in the pet industry will find a wealth of information, products and services to meet [their] needs.” Chris Marks will be one of those in attendance. With a store just minutes from the Hershey Lodge, Marks, owner of Little Paws Dog Shop, might have the shortest travel distance to this year’s Groom Expo. Located in Palmyra, Pennsylvania, Little Paws Dog Shop is a full service dog shop, pet supply store, grooming salon and pet photography center. According to Marks, she lives in a more conservative area, and so she estimates that about 80 percent of her grooming clients make an appointment for a basic haircut, some to breed. There are more people asking for different styles, such as Asian Fusion, and coloring, though. To stay up-to-date on the grooming side of her business,
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