Ground Thinking-Personal Narrative

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All of the sudden I was in midair and was looking at the ground thinking “How did I get myself into this.” I felt scared because I was looking at the ground and was not close to the landing. It was new year's day and my family and I were at a party, but the party was about over and we were packing up our cooler and the food we brought to head home. My dad and my mom got it all back in the car and my brother, my sister, and I piled in and we headed home. Once we got home we unloaded the car quickly because we were all tired and wanted to go to bed. All of us knew the next day was going to be super exciting because we were going to a fourwheeler hill climb place for the first time. The next morning I was woken up by my dad and once I crawled…show more content…
It was about 2 hours before we had to leave and I kept going over the jump on that little path and jumped higher and higher every time. Finally one time I drive over to the group by the fire and told my dad to watch me. My plan was to go really fast and get really big air. I went down the path like always. All of the sudden I was in midair thinking “How did I get myself into this.” I felt scared because I was looking at the ground and wasn’t close to landing. I came crashing down on the right front tire and somehow landed back on all four wheels but not before hitting my face on the front rack of the four wheeler. After I landed I didn’t really realize how close I was to going to the hospital and having really bad injuries. I rode back over to my dad and he had the most scared look on his face. I said “Did you see how high I got?!” He looked at me and said, “Don’t ever do that again.” I laughed and asked why. He said, “If mom was here you wouldn’t get back on the four wheeler because you almost just died.” I looked over at the rest of the group and they all shook their heads in agreement with my dad. I was too scared to ever jump that jump ever again. After that big event we stayed for another hour and a half. We packed up and headed home. I was to wore out and I slept all the way home. Once we got home the people that we picked up in the beginning of the day came to our house for chilli that my mom made. At dinner we talked about what we liked and what was the most fun and how I almost died. My mom’s response was, “Good thing I wasn’t there you wouldn’t have gotten back on the four wheeler.” After dinner the other family left with their four wheeler and I went to bed because I was to beat. The
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