Grounded Theory Research Paper

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A third alternative is phenomenology, which is valuable for understanding "exploring how human beings make sense of experiences and transform experiences into consciousness, both individually and as a shared meaning " (Pleong, 1999). Like the outline in Creswell (2013), 120 nationally, successful African American/Black could be selected and interviewed for the present study; these women are identified by their professional organizations as being leaders across 10 occupational fields.
A fourth option is the grounded theory methodology. It is not a method; rather it is the way of examining data for theories that may contain the data. It is a concept, not a descriptive study as compared to other methods. The ideology of grounded theory is based in the substance of the data; a theory takes shape as the consequences of that data (Denzin & Lincoln, 2009, p. 26). Grounded theory research is also
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Since this study is about perspective of one or more of groups of people, the study will use a theory of culture, and the data collected would be used to support (or refute)
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