Groundwater Regulations

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Groundwater regulations California is sinking!,groundwater bill regulations are making it through the state legislature.This bill will require local agencies to track or even restrict groundwater pumping.Farmers are against this regulations,they fell is a violation of their land rights(source3).although california does need and should have regulations for groundwater. We really need regulations for groundwater in california,we are sinking,california is sinking! Aquifers had dropped 100 feet down the ground,as water sinks land sinks too (source3). while land sinks it affects our world roads are cracking,bridges are falling apart .to repair this damages we would need a lot of money that we can use for other things, but instead we need…show more content…
Farmers need water to grow their crops,although farmers need water we still have to have groundwater regulations.Not only farmers need water we do too but if farmers take all the groundwater were are going to get our water? If it does not rain and we do not have groundwater what are going to do? How are we going to get water to shower,to cook? That is why we need groundwater regulations so we all have a fair amount of water,farmers to grow food a nd us to do our basic things we do everyday. California needs and should have groundwater regulations.we have a lot of reasons why we should have regulations.we need the bill so we can track groundwater pumping. If we do not put regulations we are going to have serious problems with roads cracking bridges falling off and people not having enough water.we need to do something we need groundwater
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