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CASE ONE: THE MEATPACKING FACTORY The Meatpacking Factory is a case study involving the decision of a factory manager to let his Muslim workers observe their faith by taking breaks at sunrise and sundown during their holy month of Ramadan. James Windham, the factory manager, thought their request was well warranted and felt he should be considerate of the religious beliefs of his employees. There are about 100 Muslim workers which represents 20% of the employee population at the factory. To Windham’s dismay, the breaks began having a significantly negative affect on productivity due to the ever shifting sunset and sundown times. Trying to accommodate a constantly changing schedule left Windham struggling to nail down a…show more content…
PROBLEM 2: While Mr. Windham was contemplating an internal scheduling issues there were external pressures as well. Other meat packing companies in the region had not negotiated with their Muslim employees about breaks for religious services. Instead, other companies were threatening to fire anyone who took an unscheduled break in an effort to enforce discipline. Mr. Windham needed a plan to get in front of these external pressures to ensure his company’s reputation. The tactics of the other plants were already in the local media channels and would soon be national. Fortunately Mr. Windham is in a good position to capitalize on his scheduling mistake because he can turn it into positive press for the company. Mr. Windham needs to issue a formal apology for the scheduling mistake he made and take full responsibility. Then he should promise fair break scheduling based on all faiths and religious practices. Mr. Windham can ask his employees to convene a diverse working group to come up with a new break policy to go into effect after Ramadan. As long as it does not violate any state and federal laws, company policies, and it passes a legal review, he should promise to sign it. Mr. Windham should issue a formal statement to the press. Invite television and news crews to see how fairly they treat the Muslim work force. Also, have the sales team capitalize on the
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