Group 4 Diagnostic Vignettes. Kevin And Mary Met 3 Years Ago

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Group 4 Diagnostic Vignettes Kevin and Mary met 3 years ago. He was charming and attentive, constantly surprising Mary with small gifts. His courtship of her was a whirlwind of phone calls, dates and promises of love everlasting. Mary found him irresistible and soon found herself deeply in love with him. Both were working at good jobs making decent money and in a short few weeks decided to marry, and a honeymoon cruise was planned. During this time Kevin’s mood had shifted to normal, but he loved Mary and the marriage took place. Though Kevin struggled hard to hide it, he became depressed while on the cruise ship, withdrawn and indifferent, not only to the events taking place on the cruise, but to Mary. It seemed all he wanted to do was…show more content…
Mary gave him an ultimatum. Either they seek help or she was leaving him. At the first appointment with the doctor Kevin informed him that he was there at the insistence of his wife - that there was nothing wrong with him - and that he needed no help. The doctor disagreed. Specific diagnosis: Bipolar II Disorder Rationale: Kevin is exuding symptoms of moderate Bipolar II Disorder (Basco Ramirez & Rush, 2007). He experiences major depressive episodes, such as the one on his honeymoon, where he has a hard time getting out of bed and functioning as an adult. On other occasions, he experiences waves of hypnomania in which he feels as though he is on top of the world. Kevin’s depressive moods last for days, marked with diminished interest in pleasure and feelings of fatigue, even when his life circumstances should have him feeling happy and elated. His waves of hypnomania seem to last a little bit longer than his bouts of major depression. One of his hypnomanic states was even long enough to convince Mary to marry him. Despite their length, Kevin’s hypnomania doesn’t reach manic proportions really interfere with his daily functioning like his depressive episodes do; therefore, it is more likely that he is suffering from bipolar II disorder and not bipolar I. The goal of treatment for Kevin would to be control his hynomania and major depressive episodes. To thoroughly control his mood swings, it is recommended that Kevin be

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