Group Acquisition Of Llc And The Post Integration Problems

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1.0 DeGee Group acquisition of LLC and the post-integration problems. 2.0 Background of the Organization DeGee Group was a publicly held company in the Food & Beverage Sector with about 4800 full time employees. The company was established in 1953 and started production in 1956, maintaining a mono product for 4 years before adding two more products to its brand portfolio. Currently the company brew and distributes 21 products (16 alcoholic brands including Lager, Stout & Pilsner and 5 non-alcoholic beverages), operates 5 production plants with 6 regional business units within the nation. Some of the products include Tuqua, Gold, Musk, Hart, Berks, and Malt etc. Due to its previous ownership structure (51% shares of the company was formerly owned by the Malvinian government while 49% shares were publicly owned), the leadership of this firm were occupied by relatives of top government functionaries and their cronies. Although the Malvinian government later sold its shares to a multinational firm, 53% of the company’s top management positions were still occupied by the same old hands. The acquired company, Ltd was a regional brewery firm, focused on brewing & marketing of regional brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Established in 1995, the company had 945 employees, serviced lower segments of the market with four regional brands (three alcoholic products & one non-alcoholic beverage), and one production facility located in Northern part of

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