Group Analysis : A Group Therapy Setting

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When I hear someone say group counseling or therapy, I think of people coming together and interacting freely with others, either to find a new or better way to cope with a situation or to learn more about themselves and experiment with new ways of relating to others. It helps members realize that they are not alone and enables group members to both give and receive support. A group therapy setting offers people a safe way to gather various perspectives on issues and concerns with other group members. Some individuals may sense that they are in some way strange due to their problems, feelings, or reluctance to interact with others; however, it is reassuring to come together with others and hear that they have similar problems. Employing new resources allows members to build trust in their own abilities and find ways to get themselves though difficult challenges. Group members can also give and receive feedback to each other by communicating their own thoughts and feelings about what someone says or does.
Group Type and Population
During my time as an undergrad and now graduate student at Florida International University, I have dealt with a fair share of procrastination. After discussing this topic with other students I came to the realization I was not alone. Procrastination is quite common in university students and can adversely affect one’s life in a wide variety of ways. For students, procrastination may be especially troublesome, as it can interfere with the ability to…
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