Group Behavior

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Group Behavior
Robert Watson
Columbia College

In an organizational context, group behavior is an important concept as it determines the cohesiveness and coherence of the organizational culture and organizational communication. For instance, unless the human resource department (HRD) function communicates the policies clearly and cogently, the employees would not participate and comply with them wholeheartedly. Hence, molding group behavior is important for organizations. However, this cannot be construed to mean that all employees must think and act alike. On the contrary, innovation cannot happen when group behavior is the same across all levels. The point here is that while organizations must strive for cohesiveness and coherence,
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These groups are formed within the structure of the organization but by the members themselves. They are formed to satisfy the social needs on the job.
Temporary/Interest Groups are formed for achieving certain objectives. They have a very short life. After attaining the objectives, they are dissolved. Solving problems and discussing ideas are the main functions of temporary groups. Meetings, committees, and small groups are examples of temporary groups.
There are certain natural and permanent/friendship groups. They have group activities, group performances, job assignments and so on. A team is a permanent group. Trade union and business associations are examples of permanent groups.
Other Groups Small groups: Only a few people, face to face interactions and better communication is possible Large Groups: Membership is high, personal interaction is harder if not impossible. Primary groups: It is made up of members who have similar interest, loyalties, and has a feeling of friendship towards each other. Secondary groups: They share the same value and beliefs, but because of the size of the group, they do not interact often with each other. Coalitions: They are created by members for a specific purpose and do not have a formal structure. Membership groups: They are groups to which individuals actually belongs. Reference groups: It is actually the groups to
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