Group Behaviors And Communication Ways Found Between Swedish And Chinese

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In this real world paper, I researched a case study of Swedish company and its subsidiary in China. In this case study, there are different management styles, employee behaviors and communication ways found between Swedish and Chinese. Both Sweden and China are trying to manage different ways of thinking and behavior while they are communicating with each other. Therefore, both side of the company are having a hard time with cross cultural challenges.
The Sweden culture tends to be a country in the lower power distance while China is a high power distance country. There is an example of high power distance orientation of China. Swedish company made a high standard for a product and asked the production manager in China can they achieve
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It is another example show the conflict base on individualism vs. collectivism between Swedish and China. The technical product manager from Swedish company was asking a model for a new product; however, he got a message written “there was a 1mm error of the product they made and asked what they should do?” The manager from Swedish does not understand why the Chinese employee ask him what should they do instead of adjust the error by themselves. Base on the individual of Swedish, they would usually manager themselves to make own decision on most of the issues. On the other hand, Chinese are more collective and most of the decisions would make through discussion with others. Even though the Chinese managers know that they would need to adjust a new model at the end, they still decide to notify there is a problem and wait for Swedish manager instruction.
The differences between Chinese and Swedish cultures continue to affect multinational business development if they do not resolve it. Cross-cultural conflicts usually caused by cultural differences of the company 's strategic decisions; in addition, it will disrupt the operation of the enterprise program and reduce efficiency. Because of the conflicts the various relationships between employees will be influencing and operating costs will increase. It will greatly reduce the operational efficiency of the business management organization. Therefore, Swedish managers must understand the
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