Essay on Group Bonding Gone Awry

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Group Bonding Gone Awry

I'm not going to lie to you--coming to MIT has been a continuous series of shocks for me. I expected what your average prefrosh would, but I did not realize that schoolwork here would be incomparable to high school work, that living without Mom's dinners would create such a void in my life, and that it's a good 25 degrees colder in Boston than I'm used to. But if there was one big thing I was looking forward to in college, it was diversity. The high school I went to is 90-something percent Caucasian. The wonderful World Wide Web showed me that I had a drastically different racial diversity to look forward to at MIT.

I should tell you why I was looking forward to diversity. As an Iranian-American
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I believe we should all take pains to gain insight into global culture, and the more learned you are, the more capable you become of forming opinions and connections to the whole world.

Naturally, I thought that more diversity at MIT translated to a warmer cultural environment. I figured that at MIT, students would be more open-minded and accepting of other cultures as a result of racial inter-mingling. I still agree with that to some extent, but it's not quite the way I'd imagined.

I've noticed that here at MIT, for the most part at least, students of the same ethnicity socialize primarily with one another. I don't mean to pick on any one group, but let's take my experience at Orientation. I met one girl who was Indian, and I met some of her friends, all of whom were Indian.Then I met another girl who was Asian, and when I met her friends, I realized that they were all Asian, too. As a result, even at this early stage of my college experience, I've made friends with two different groups--one Asian, one Indian. Walking around, I notice people grouped by race in the dining halls and in the student center.

Now I'll admit, I am interested in being a part of the Persian Students Association. You could say that's hypocritical. After all, how can I condone this racial grouping yet express the desire to participate in it myself? I would answer that being a part of an organization and making it a way
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