Group Case Assessment : Euro Solar

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Company Name: Euro Solar
Euro Solar is a well-known Solar Panel Company. It is Australian based company. Euro Solar started with 4 employees and a 100 m¬¬2 warehouse around 6 years ago. The company is focused totally on high quality products and market-leading customer service. Euro Solar is very well aware of the energy derived from the sun and they are committed to make sustainable energy a significant part of Australia’s and the world’s future and they continue to look for solar energy solutions which deliver financial savings for their valued customers, whilst helping protect the environment too, as said by Sam P., one of the directors of this company. This thing is also reflected in the logo of the
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Now onwards in this report, the business environment of this Euro Solar Company is to be discussed from different perspectives i.e. economic environment, political environment, sociocultural environment and technological environment. Critical issues that affect the business of this company and implication of business decision making has also been covered in this article.
Euro solar deals with supply and installation of Solar systems and wholesale sale of the important components of solar system, i.e. Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Batteries, Mounting kits, etc. for Solar systems.
Economic environment at Euro Solar: Euro Solar is a multinational company these days and they are doing their business in six countries right now. They are having above 300 employee’s including sub-contractors. For better business management, they operate different business operations from different parts of the world. For example, Their Customer service center is operated from their India office. This helps to reduce employees’ wages cost and other maintenance costs. To overcome competition in global market, they have excellent service team who looks after the customers’ complaints. To increase sales, the company spend good amount of money after marketing of their product on newspapers, social media, TV, radio, and by many other ways. Euro solar has reached to a new height in Market share in just two years. The management
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