Group Case Assessment : Euro Solar

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Company Name: Euro Solar
Euro Solar is a well-known Solar Panel Company. It is Australian based company. Euro Solar started with 4 employees and a 100 m¬¬2 warehouse around 6 years ago. The company is focused totally on high quality products and market-leading customer service. Euro Solar is very well aware of the energy derived from the sun and they are committed to make sustainable energy a significant part of Australia’s and the world’s future and they continue to look for solar energy solutions which deliver financial savings for their valued customers, whilst helping protect the environment too, as said by Sam P., one of the directors of this company. This thing is also reflected in the logo of the company, “Taking care of Next Generation”
After five years in the industry and with skilled team of full-time employees and sub-contractors and offices in the most cities of Australia, Euro Solar has grown as a powerful company for solar power in Australia. The aim of the company is to supply the most advanced solar systems and products to the Australian retail, residential and industries. To achieve this, Euro Solar offers the most comprehensive sales knowledge and technical support which is useful for customers to:
• help them in selecting the right solar system;
• Maintain their solar system and
• Maximize their solar investment
The ultimate motto of this company is to make solar power for homes, communities, industries and schools, a…

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