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MGT491 Group Case 1 Write-up Questions and Scoring Guide (100 points) Please register as a student and use the following link to access the cases (only the questions for the first case are shown below): Danaher Corporation (HBS case number: 9-708-445): 1. Overview of Danaher’s history, operating segments and performance (5 points) 2. Does Danaher maintain sustainable competitive advantage? (4 points) Why? (3 points) 3. What is Danaher’s corporate strategy in terms of growth? (4 points)? * Danaher’s corporate strategy in terms of growth is their Danaher Business process system (DBS) which is the heart of the organization. This system guides planning, deployment and…show more content…
Pg. 8 4. What is Danaher’s core competency? (4 points) Why? (3 points) 5. Does Danaher benefit from industry analysis? (4 points)How? (3 points) * Danaher business choice is focused on the belief that the market is the primary priority, and then the company. Instead of identifying prospective objectives and then asses their market potential, Danaher performs a top-down analysis that progresses from market analysis to company assessment to persistence, appraisal, compromise, and finally integration. Businesses are assessed according to certain required standards: First, the size of the market has to surpass $1 billion. Second, core market progression has to be at least 5%-7% and minus cyclicality or instability. Third, is observing divided businesses with a long tail of members that have $25-$100 million in sales. Fourth, is trying to avoid competitors. Fifth, the target arena must offer a decent opportunity for utilizing the DBS so that Dananher skill set can be influence. And finally, is looking for tangible product-centric businesses. 6. Danaher categorizes its acquisition targets into three types. Do you think those acquisitions result in diversifications? (4 points) If so, can you further identify them into unrelated/related diversifications? (3 points) What kind of related diversification? (4 points) Why? (3 points) Please explain with at least one

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