Group Case Study: Binge Watcher

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Binge Watchers
Please, no group project; I am not ready yet to work with a bunch of native speakers. I mean, I can’t; I won’t be able spell their names correctly. Please God, don’t do this to me; I promise, I will be a better person from now on. These are the exact words I said at the moment I realized we will be assigned a group project. I was terrified about what I would do if I couldn’t understand what they are talking about, or what I would do if they don’t understand my terrible pronunciation. However, there wasn’t any escape of doing this; I will mess up sooner or later, so hear me out guys! I am an international student from Turkey, taking my general education classes, living here by myself...This group project would have been the scariest
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Classics are what we like most, but there are also the other ones that are not known that much! Pete likes How I Met Your Mother and The Office. You may listen music while studying, but he prefers watching these series again. I should ask him who the mother is because I just stop watching the series, How I Met Your Mother, when I realized it was too long and I didn’t have that much time to watch a series just to figure out who the mother is. Kameron likes The Gray’s Anatomy, The 100 and Zoo that I am looking forward for its new season; however I stopped watching The 100, spoiler alert, the most handsome guy in the series is killed. I am pretty sure Merissa is upset as much as I am that Netflix doesn’t have any of the Harry Potter movies. Merissa likes a little crime and mystery; therefore, Narcos is one of her…show more content…
I bet you all know that cartoon Coyote and the Road Runner. I am the miserable Coyote, who will never be as fast as the Road Runner. But wait a second, I am smarter and more hard-working than the Coyote, so maybe there is still hope for me; furthermore, maybe speaking as good and fast as you guys is not the only way to get things working. Music, Netflix, loving dogs, wanting to have a career that serves society and having loved ones are the things we have in common. Having shared interests is just what we need to work things out, and don’t forget we all have that ultimate shared thing, which is called
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