Group Communication

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| Bravo Team Company BCOM/230 | Memo To: | New Manager, Edward Seibert | From: | [Your Name] | cc: | Cindy Perry, Brain Brennan, Angela DeLoach | Date: | August 4, 2014 | Re: | Group Communication | | | Welcome Edward to Bravo Team Company. We have many different groups within Bravo Company, and as a manager you will need to be up to speed quickly on some of the common communication barriers within the company. The common barriers, such as Disruptive team members, language, listening, and group think, are some of the ones that we have seen in the past. I have given examples and also techniques on how some managers have handled these barriers. I also wanted to let you know a little about conflicts in groups, which can…show more content…
The same is also true with the use of slang in conversations. Remember that English might not be all the team member’s first language. * Listening Barrier Another type of communication barrier is the listening barrier. Listening is harder than you think. You have to become an active listener. You need to pay attention to what a team member is saying. If you do not pay attention in meetings, then you may look like you do not care about what others have to say. If you are trying to focus on when you can jump into the conversation, it may make you seem unable to relate to others around you. Once George came in to see me, and I was working on the financials. I knew he had come in, and I thought I was listening, but I need to get the reports done. He spoke to me, I must have answered him, but when I finished. I thought back to why George had come in, and I could not remember. So, I had to go and ask George what he had asked before which was a little embarrassing. So, I had to figure out how not to have this happen again. * A Technique that I have found helpful, as I am guilty of not actively listening, is to make sure I focus on what people are saying. It is difficult to do, as you may want to rehearse what you want to say. If you use active listening, you should be able to see when there is a pause and be able to jump into the conversation. I am guilty of having people walk into my office, and because I
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