Group Counseling : A Group

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Introduction This paper is a brief reflection of what this writer has learned throughout this group-counseling course. Topics discuss significant things this writer has learned about group counseling, about herself as a group leader, skills and experiences to develop, current strengths and weakness in leading group and types of groups this writer is interested in leading. Group Counseling The most significant thing this writer has learned about group counseling in this course is that the process is the groups’. When the process is the groups’, as sessions progress, the facilitator will not need to be as involved, as the group members will carry the group. This knowledge is something this writer was aware of, but did not fully understand and this writer now feels that she has a good understanding of this. Being a Group Leader Even though this writer has been facilitating groups for the past three years, this writer has gained much knowledge throughout this course about herself as a group leader. Something that this writer learned about herself is her want for the group to be “successful”. Though this writer is aware that a group members progress and/or success depends on the member and not the group facilitator, this writer has in the past felt discouraged when a youth had disclosed that they had not gained something from group. This course has strengthened this writers knowledge that it is the group members responsibility to be successful in the group process and

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