Group Counseling

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Introduction Group counseling can be appealing, but it involves solving a problem common in the group. The goals should be listed to ensure that the counselors achieve their goals, proper research and evaluation should be done before choosing a group. Observation is also critical because it helps the counselor aware of the group process. Group process is a sub- conscious process that takes place within a group as a whole; it involves personal and interpersonal process. Groups involve integration process, which involves emphasis, on a structured delivery of certain content. Group counseling is effective because it enhances self awareness and exploration as they aid one to be congruent. Description of the group The group developed in this article, is a short- term counseling group which takes up to eight weeks, it aims at developing personal growth in treating dependency on tobacco, and alternative tobacco uses. Alternative tobacco uses include; smokeless tobacco, hookah and cigars. The topic is chosen because; tobacco is identified as a cause of mortality and morbidity rate causing an immense burden to the society while it is the most preventable cause. The topic is also chosen because adolescent smokers have a higher likelihood of establishing tobacco use and dependency in later life. Clinicians have recommended different forms of treatment to tobacco dependency, which include, counseling services and pharmacotherapy. Short- term counseling will be pivotal in

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