Group Counseling For Children And Adolescents

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Group Counseling "Individuals with learning disabilities have a particularly high incidence of mental health problems and are often assigned what is known as dual diagnosis. The lack of research in counseling this client group and the need for counselors to show that they are not discriminatory in their practices and are compliant with anti-discriminatory legislation adds to the case for placing inclusion/exclusion in counseling in the public arena" (Pattison, 2006, p. 547). Introduction Are group counseling sessions used in a school environment the best strategies to help children and adolescents with special needs learn the social skills they will need in life? An article in the peer-reviewed journal Education suggests that indeed, group counseling is an effective way to teach social skills. This paper reviews the article and comments on the learning that was accomplished and discusses in the article. Group Counseling with Students who have Special Needs Derk Stephens and colleagues explain that there are a number of "deficits" that children and adolescents with special needs that contribute to their struggle to learn. Those deficits include: "hyperactivity, distractibility, impulsivity, anxiety, emotional liability, low self-esteem, aggressive behaviors, difficult recognizing the emotions of others" along with behaviors that are considered "socially unacceptable" (Stephens, 509). When children with special needs go through a day exhibiting some of these

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