Group Development And Leadership Skills

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Group Development Application Paper Group development and leadership skills play a pivotal role in almost every field of life. Effective group development skills increase the productivity of the whole group. Alongside, if one has the skills to lead others then high chances are present that desired results will be achieved quickly and efficiently. Currently, I am doing masters degree in accounting, and in terms of my future career setting I have planned to complete my PhD then start my teaching career most preferably in King Abdul-Aziz University. For the group development application paper, I have also chosen teaching as my future career setting. During my course of education from school to high school and now in university, I have came across the fact that groups play vital role in the success of student’s career and at times in the teacher’s career too. For teachers it is very critical for them to lead their students in a way that they can be able to achieve success in their educational and professional career. Alongside, effective group development skills in the teachers help the students to learn more quickly and efficiently. A lot of people think that teachers only have to teach stuff to people and after that they have no other duty to perform. But to me teaching seems very demanding job, because a lot of responsibilities and duties lie on the teacher. Teachers have to act like planners, moderators, implementers, counselors, custodians, leaders and at times
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