Group Discussion On Group Counseling

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Group Facilitator Reflection So far, I have cooperated with one of my cohort to facilitate the small group discussion in the course, Group Counseling. The two group discussions we led were aimed at encouraging the members to share their feelings and disclose some of their personal experiences. However, the approaches we adopted for these two sessions were different. The topic of the first session was what inspired you to going into the counseling field. We thought it might be a good topic to start the self-disclosure, because most of us students had thought the reason why we decided to learn counseling and they might have different experiences to share with the group. We hoped the members could be able to find some similarities and even developed new insights through the discussion. During the session, we mainly asked questions, for example, ‘is anyone willing to share with us?’, ‘why do you decide to go this counseling program?’ and ‘does anyone have a different experience to share ?’. The outcome was not satisfying.
Most of the time, the members stayed silent and I was very uncomfortable with the silence. I intended to fill in the silence but I did not know what I should do. I did not know if I should direct the attention to a specific member or if it was appropriate to ask a quiet member to share her thoughts. I became increasingly nervous overtime and I became silence as well. I felt very awkward and frustrated. I kept questioning myself if I did something wrong
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