Group Diversity In Huawei

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For example, the 180,000 employees of different nationalities, ethnicities, and ethnicities made up an extended family of Huawei's diversity. Huawei's employees are from 163 countries and regions of the world, and only with Chinese employees, there are 38 different ethnic groups in China (Huawei 2016). Huawei has been able to formulate and implement a multi-dimensional target from the nationality, gender, age, race, religious beliefs of the employees. In Huawei's overseas institutions, everyone is trying to create such an atmosphere, within the company regardless of nationality, regardless of their race, everyone is Huawei's staff (Huawei 2016). As the two cultures of the Chinese and foreign cultures collided and then merged with the culture of the Chinese culture, the Huawei corporation gradually presented its diverse and international features. Because employees come from different countries and have different professional backgrounds, it is better to help solve problems and create value.

2.2.0 Decision-making
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While the team is often used to the goal of being consistent and consistent, excessive emphasis on consensual behavior can also lead to an optimal decision (Janis 1972). Perhaps, the most famous example is the "groupthink", when too much emphasis on group consensus, can produce "groupthink", for fear of failure group cohesion and failed to discuss important alternatives (Janis 1972). The diversity of the team can often be solved by introducing a different perspective. In fact, team diversity has a positive effect on the quality and process of team
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