Group Dynamics And Its Developmental Stages

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Abstract There are different stages through which a group passes, both as natural and in a school atmosphere. According to the Oxford Dictionary, 2015, Group Dynamics, is the study or use of the processes involved when people in a group interact. This paper will look to examine group dynamics and its developmental stages in the context of a group randomly selected to make a class room presentation which involved researching, forming of information to present findings to the class. It will also look at how group goals were developed and if the group goals were specific and understood. Group communication patterns will also be examined and its effectiveness discussed. We will also take a look whether group power occurred and whether or not…show more content…
One of the group members suggested that the entire group read the specific article and come ready to discuss what each member understood from the article. After a group discussion of the article, another member suggested that each member select a question they felt comfortable answering and presenting in class. The group members also agreed a deadline as to when everyone needed to write up their part of the presentation and turn it in to one members of a group who would gather the data and enter it into a power point presentation format. Everyone in the group agreed that they would email me their written part of the presentation. Prior to the classroom presentation, the group reviewed the data entered in the power point, edited it and agreed as to the order of the information that would be presented in class. Finally, the group gathered prior to the presentation and made last minute edits to slides. The group agreed that there were too many slides and agreed to reduced them to a minimal amount. After agreeing to the final PowerPoint presentation the group rehearsed the information to be presented prior to the class meeting. This group did not experience the storming effect. No one in the group believed that they were being judged and everyone was able to share their opinion and views. As one member of the group stated that this was one of the easiest group she had ever been in because everyone got along and no arguments over the project emerged.
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